Community pilot

People visiting their GP in the Morecambe Bay area may be offered a referral to a community pilot of Set For Surgery programme before they are referred for treatment. You will receive additional support in improving your health and fitness from local community teams.

This is different to the ongoing Set For Surgery programme because the offer of support will be given before your GP has made the referral. The aim of the support is to improve your health before you have even received a referral from their GP to the hospital, or alongside the referral process.

Having seen the success of the original Set For Surgery programme, it made sense to offer patients support earlier in their treatment journey.

Community teams will provide support to patients to improve their own health, including:
•    losing weight
•    stopping smoking
•    cutting down on alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Set For Surgery is a unique system allowing GP surgeries to link up with hospitals providing treatment for their patients, share data, and giving patients targeted actions to work on with their GP before their operation. 

This new service offers patients support, before they have been seen in the hospital clinic. 

The offer of support is completely voluntary, and your referral is not dependant on accepting it.

The pilot is currently up and running in Morecambe Bay, and results will be evaluated before being rolled out further afield.

People who are a healthy weight and do not smoke recover better from surgery and have an improved quality of life after their operation, and sometimes do not need surgery at all.

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